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Hide photos in Android Phones and Tablets

Hide Photos, Apps, Video in Android phones and tablets

You may want to hide photos in your Android phone or tablet.  Some of your photos are sensitive and you don’t want others to accidentally stumble upon them.  There are several apps you can download to hide photos and most require a password to open the file.  An app, such as, Photo and Video Locker works well and it creates a secure folder on your device which can only be opened by the app.

If you have a newer Samsung phone or tablet, Samsung has a Secure Folder you can do the same thing with without installing additional software.  To use the Samsung Secure Folder, do the following:

  1. Open SettingsHide photos on Android phones and tablets
  2. Touch on  Biometrics and securityHide photos on Android phones and tablets
  3. Touch on Secure Folder.  You’ll need to Agree to the terms and conditions and enter your Samsung account details before you’ll be able to get the Secure Folder up and running.
  4. The Secure folder will ask you what you want to use for security, PIN, Password, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint etc. (depending on your device).Secure Folder on Android Phone or Tablet
  5. Now you open your photo gallery and long touch on a photo, when you touch on the three dot menu, you have the option to move the photo to the secure folder.  You can also move apps, contacts, videos, files, calendar, and Samsung Notes to the secure folder.

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