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How to Update Android phones or tablets

How to update Android phones or tablets

How to update Android phones or tablets.  We all want the newest and greatest software running on our Android phones and tablets.  The Android Apps will update automatically from Google Playstore. (“How to update Apps on Android?“) But what about the Android OS?

How to Update Android?

Many of the newer Android phones and tablets will update automatically to the newest version of Android when it becomes available for the device model you have.How to update Android Phones and Tablets

There are many manufacturers of Android devices.  The most common and popular manufactures will keep their latest models up-to-date with Android versions.   When Google releases a new version of Android, each manufacturer must test and most will make modifications to the new version to work best with their brand and various models.  This is a big advantage with deciding which brand to buy.  The cheaper and less known brands will not be releasing new versions of Android. 

If you have a Samsung Android phone or tablet, and Android is not updating automatically, Go to this page for more information “How to Update Android on Samsung phones or tablets“.

Check if a new Android version is available

If you have an older phone or tablet, or if your manufacture brand is not providing Android version updates, then you can force it to check for an update using this process:

  • Open Settings.
  • Be sure your Android phone or tablet is connected to the internet.
  • Scroll down and touch About Phone.
  • Scroll to the software updates section and touch Check Now for Updates
  • If there is an update available for your device, you will be given the option to install now, or install later, or not install.
  • If there isn’t an update available, then you’ll get that notice also.

If there isn’t an update available, then either the manufacturer of your phone or tablet has not made a new version available for your device model.  Or, perhaps your Android phone or tablet is too old and new versions are not being made available any more.

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