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Backup your photos and videos on Android Phones and Tablets

Backup photos and videos on Android Phones and Tablets using Google Photos

Backup your photos and videos to keep them secure and safe. With Android phones and tablets having great cameras, most people are using their phones or tablets to take photos.  Creating memories to be reviewed later. Documenting important events for future use.

But what if you loose your phone, or it is stolen or broken?  And the photos are only on your phone and are now lost forever.

Backup your photos and videos with Google Photos

Backup photos and videos on Android Phones and Tablets using Google PhotosFortunately, Google has made it easy to create a backup of those photos and videos and it is done automatically.  Plus, currently, the storage of the backup is free.  The free service will go away later in 2021, but for now it is free as long as you allow Google Photos to decide the resolution of the photo.  When the photo or video is automatically backed up, Google Photos will reduce the resolution if the photo is larger than 16MB.  But, it will still be a high resolution photo and unless you want to create a poster size photo, you’ll be happy with the stored resolution.

Download the Google Photos app for free from Google Play, install it, select your Google account and you’re finished.  Yes, you must have a Google Gmail account, which is also required to access Google Play to do the download.  Google Gmail accounts currently include 15GB of free storage.  The space that Google Photos uses is NOT currently counted as part of the free storage.  Backup photos and videos on Android Phones and Tablets using Google PhotosCurrently, you have unlimited free storage in Google Photos as long as you allow Google Photos to resize your photos to their High Resolution limits.  As I said before, in later 2021, Google will no longer offer the Google Photos storage free and it will be included as part of the 15GB free storage.  But, not to be alarmed, when that day comes, you can upgrade your storage capacity to 100GB for only $19.99 per year.

If you want to verify that Google Photos is configured properly, touch your account picture in the upper right corner of the Google Photos app and select Settings.  Here you can see how the app is configured and you can make changes if you like.

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