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How to change wallpaper on an Android phone or tablet?

How to Change Wallpaper on Android

How to change wallpaper on Android phones or tablets depends on which Android version you have.  But the process will be either one of two ways.

You can have the same wallpaper on your Lock Screen and on your Home screen or they can be different.  Either way, here is how to do it.

How to change wallpaper

Option 1:

  • Long press (touch and hold) a blank area somewhere on the Home screen.
  • You’ll see some options appear on the bottom of the screen, one of them is Wallpaper.
  • Touch the Wallpaper button and proceed from there.

Option 2:

How to Change Wallpaper on Android
How to Change Wallpaper on Android
  • Open Settings,
  • Scroll and look for Wallpaper or Display.
  • Touch on Wallpaper or Display.
  • On this screen you can choose what Wallpaper you want on the Home screen and on the Lock Screen, or set them to be the same.

For more options and images for your wallpaper, download a wallpaper app from Google Play.  You may want to try one and if it doesn’t have the image you want, uninstall it and download another one.

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