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How to Install Apps on Android phones and tablets?

How to install Apps on Android phones and tablets

There are thousands of apps available for your Android phone or tablet that can do a variety of things.  Such as  games, productivity, health assistance, education, etc.  Adding apps to your Android phone or tablet is easy to do.  When you open the Google Play app, the app will only show you new apps that will work with the phone manufacturer and version of Android you have.

Before you install an app, be sure to read the details of the app and review the comments and reviews. You can look at the star rating and at the number of downloads.  These may help you find a app that is most useful for you.

How to Install Apps

How to install apps on Android phones and tablets is very simple to do and is mostly automated.  You must be connected to the internet to proceed.

Find and open the Google Play app on your phone or tablet. Search for the app you want.  When you do a search, you’ll see several results for your search.  Look at the many different apps and read about them.  

Steps to install an Android app

Step 1 : Choose the app that seems to meet your needs.
Step 2 : For free apps, touch Install, for paid apps, touch on the price
Step 3 : The download and install process is automatic from there
Step 4 : Once the app is installed, touch Open and view the app. If you don’t like the app, then you can uninstall the app.

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If you cannot install Apps from Google Play, you may need to reset the app on your Android phone or tablet. Sometimes an app can become corrupted with missing or damaged files. When this happens, you should reinstall the app.

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