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How to lock Home screen layout on Android phones and tablets

Locked or unlocked phone

How to lock the home screen layout so the app icons don’t accidently get moved or deleted?  This is a common problem.  With your phone or tablet in your pocket or brief case, the screen can rub or inadvertently be touched by something that may delete an app icon, or move it on the screen, or even move an app to a different home page.

How to lock the home screen layout

Some versions of Android have an easy method:

  • Open Settings
  • Touch Home Screen
  • Turn on Home Screen Lock

Newer versions of Android will require a different method:

  • Long press (touch and hold) an empty spot on the Home Screen
  • The screen will change and a list of options will appear on the bottom of the screen
  • Touch Home Screen
  • Turn on Home Screen Lock

Another method is to download and install a different launcher app.  The launcher is the program that controls the home screens. 

Your phone has a pre-installed launcher app that was developed by the phone manufacturer. If you change to a different launcher, you will have many more options for controlling the layout of the home screen.  Most launchers have the option in the Home Screen settings to lock the layout.

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