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How to use Android Launchers?

Android Launchers

How to use Android launchers? 

Why would you use a launcher? 

What is a launcher?

Android launchers are the user interface that sits on top of Android.  It is the launcher that organizes and displays the various app icons and widgets.  The Android operating system comes with it’s own launcher.  However, it is just an app that can be replaced with another launcher app.  Different launchers have different features, looks and feels.  Some Android launchers are thin apps, meaning they don’t require a lot of processing by the device’s processor, and others require a lot of processing cycles.

You can download and try different launchers and decide which one you like the most.  My favorite is the Nova Launcher, I even upgraded to the Prime paid version so I can have all the features.  I like the way it allows me to organize my interface and it has the features I like such as the ability to Lock the Home Screen so the app icons and widgets don’t accidently get deleted or moved.  It also allows me to hide apps that I cannot uninstall and I will never use.  Launchers have different options for wallpaper, locking the home screen or lock screen, how notifications will appear on the home screen and lock screen, different gestures and swipes, etc.

  • Open Google Playstore and search on “Launcher”
  • Read the features of the different launchers and look at the sample screens
  • Decide which launcher you want to use
  • Click on Install and wait for it to download and install
  • Open the launcher on your Android phone or tablet and play around with it.  If you like it, then you can set it as the default launcher for your device.  As the default launcher, it will automatically be loaded when the device is turned on or restarted.

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