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How to Update Android on Samsung phones or tablets?

Update Android on Samsung

Update Android on Samsung phones and tablets may or may not be straight forward or easy.   If you have a newer Android Samsung phone or tablet, you will get a notification on your device telling you that a new update is available and the update will proceed automatically.  But, those notifications will eventually stop and then it becomes more difficult (or impossible) to upgrade Android on Samsung devices.

While other phone manufactures have links on their website to download new versions of Android, Samsung does not.  

Update Android on Samsung

There are some third party websites that may be able to help you update Android.  They are relatively easy to use.  You just input your Samsung device model code, and the tool will tell you if there is a new version available for that model.  Different devices have different hardware features so an Android version that is working on a Sony Android device will probably not work on a Samsung Android device.  Be sure to select an Android version that is compatible with your model.

Here are some links you can try:

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