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Control your Camera Remotely from your Android phone or tablet

Control your camera remotely

Control your Camera Remotely

There are times when you want to control your camera remotely.  Some cameras come with a remote control, most do not.  You can easily do this using your Android phone or tablet.  Many new cameras are coming with WiFi and/or Bluetooth connectivity.  You can use either one to connect your Android device to the camera.  You must download an app to your Android device in order to establish the connection and perform the camera remote control features.

The app called “Open Camera Remote” is an app that is designed to work with multiple cameras.  However, it seems to be unreliable and many people have problems using it.

The best option to control your camera remotely is to download the app from Google Play that was created by the same manufacturer as your camera.  Most of these apps use WiFi to connect.  But, the camera will function as a WiFi server so if your Android device and the camera are close enough in proximity, they can connect wirelessly using the WiFi signal without the need for a router.

I have used the Nikon and the Canon remote control apps to on my Samsung Android phone without any issues.  These apps are also great for downloading the photos from the camera to your Android device.

Control your camera remotely Control your camera remotely Control your camera remotely

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