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How to setup Samsung Email on Android

How to setup Samsung email

You can setup Samsung email app as a generic app which will work with many types of email systems and accounts including, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.  It is a very good app and can be handy if you have multiple email accounts from different providers and you want all your email to come into one email app. 

For example, if you have a Gmail account and a Hotmail account, you can add both of these email accounts to the Samsung email app.  All email from these two accounts will flow into one email app.

How to setup Samsung email

Step-by-step instructions to setup Samsung email:

  1. Add an email account to your Android device
    1. Touch on Settings
    2. Touch Accounts
    3. Touch Add Account
    4. For type of account, Touch and choose Email
    5. Enter email address and password, then Touch Next
    6. Confirm the notifications and settings you want, then Touch Next
    7. Click Allow for the required permissions

Your email is now setup.

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