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How to turn off Android system updates?

android system updates

How to stop Android system updates?

Android system updates can cause problems if you are running specialized or proprietary apps.  An Android system update may include new APIs or other back-end software hooks that can cause some apps to no longer function properly.  You can easily turn off the automatic system updates:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and touch on Software Updates
  • Move the slide bar to the “Off” position on Download Updates Automatically

How to go back to a previous Android version? Or How to roll-back system updates?

This is a very complicated process, although it is possible if you have some advanced technical knowledge about Android.

  • First, you need to do a backup of all your data.  If the Android device is not rooted, then there will be some data that will not be included in the backup.  We do not recommend rooting your Android device.
  • Do a hard factory reset to set the Android version back to the original version on the device.  This removes all Android system updates.
  • Find the version of Android you want and install it.  This is the most difficult part of this procedure.


Click here for information about how to stop automatic Android app updates.

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