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Locked or Unlocked? Check your Android phone or tablet

Locked or unlocked

Is my phone or tablet locked or unlocked?

How can you easily know if your Android phone or tablet is locked or unlocked.  Maybe you want to change the cellular service you are using, or maybe you want to change the mobile data service.  It should be as simple as changing the SIM card to change cellular service or data service.

First, check to see if your phone or tablet has a slot for a SIM card.  If not, perhaps you purchased the phone directly from a Cellular company and the phone is hard-wired to work only with their service.  If you purchased the phone on a contract and committed to using the service for a long period of time, then chances are the phone or tablet is locked and you cannot change companies.

Has a SIM card? Locked or unlocked?

If your phone or tablet has a slot for a SIM card, then try removing it and inserting a different SIM card.  If you are getting a cellular signal, then you’re good to go.  Try making a call to see if it connects.  If the phone is not receiving a signal, then the phone is probably locked to a specific company.

If you have discovered that your phone is locked, you can take it to the company you want to change to and they may be able to unlock it for you.

You can also search the existing service’s website to see if they have instructions for unlocking the phone or tablet.  There are also some apps you can download that may be successful in unlocking your phone or tablet.

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