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Android 12 Features

Android 12 Features Android 12 is currently under development and is available for app developers to download and test their apps with. Internally, Android 12 is know as “Snow Cone”.  Most of the new features are behind the scenes and will not be noticed by the typical user.  But there are a few that will be noticeable.

  • Every new Android version had increased security closing gaps that may be exploited by hackers or malware apps,  Android 12 also includes these.
  • Notifications will get some new features with a snooze feature and a swipe-down action.
  • Faster response from notifications – when you touch on a notification, you’ll enter the app much faster.
  • One-handed usage is improved and triggered with a swipe-down on the home screen.
  • Google Play will update apps more efficiently with the new Android Runtime (ART) module.
  • Better optimization for Android tablets, TV and foldables.  Develops have more options to better display the larger screens.
  • Smart forwarding of calls for dual-SIM devices, DP2 adds a feature that will allow you to forward calls between two SIMs on your phone.  It is unsure if this will be included.
  • Some Lock Screen features may include more clock options, some always-on adjustments, and Power menu smart home controls may be available for the Lock Screen.
  • Game mode enhancements with things like an automatically-engaged Do Not Disturb mode, locked screen brightness/auto-rotation, and more
  • Face-based auto-rotate will be able to adjust auto-rotation to take into account the angle of your face as you look at your phone.

We may see Android 12 debut sometime in the summer of 2021 depending on your hone manufacturer.

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Android 12 Features
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