How to Hide or Disable Apps on Android?

Hide apps on Android

You may want to hide apps, or disable apps on your Android phone or tablet.  Most manufacturers include several apps that are pre-installed on your Android device when you purchase it.  Many times, these pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled or deleted.  You should, first, attempt to uninstall the app, since that is the most desired result in order to get it off your Android device and free up the used storage space.  Click here to read about how to uninstall or delete an app.

How to Disable apps on Android?

To disable an Android App, do the following:

  • Open Settings
  • Touch and open Apps

Disable Android Apps - Apps

  • Scroll down until you find the app you want to disable and Touch on the app

Disable Android Apps - app information

  • Before you disable the app, you should delete any data it has in Storage

Disable Android Apps - App Info

  • Scroll down and Touch Storage, and then Touch on Clear data, Click on the < arrow on the top left corner to go back.

Disable Android Apps - Clear Storage

  • In the lower part of the screen, Touch on Disable

Disable Android Apps - App Info

  • If the Disable option is not available, then this is an app that is critical for other apps to operate correctly.  You can then attempt to hide the app.

How to Hide apps on Android?

New Android devices are coming with a lot of memory and storage space.  If you have plenty of storage space, it is easier to hide an app on Android than to disable it.  Here is how to hide apps on Android:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and Touch on Home Screen

Hide Android Apps - Settings

  • Scroll down and Touch on Hide apps

Hide Android Apps - Home Screen

  • The top portion of this screen shows the Hidden apps and the bottom portion shows All apps.

Hide Android Apps - Hide Apps

  • To hide an app, touch on the app in the All apps section of the screen.
  • To unhide an app, touch on the app in the Hidden apps section of the screen.

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