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How to take a screenshot on Android

How to take a screenshot on Android


To take a screenshot on Android, you will simultaneously push a couple of buttons.  Many models of phones have buttons in different places.  We will show you diagrams of the most common places where you will find the needed buttons to push.

Screenshots are very useful when you want to save something being displayed on the screen.  Also for writing any type of documentation about an Android device or app, a screenshot on Android can help you show an example of what to do.  You’ll find making screenshots are very useful for many things.

How to take a Screenshot on Android?

To take a screenshot, you need to push the volume-down AND the power buttons at the same time.

How to take a screenshot on Android

How to take a screenshot on Android

After you press the buttons, you will hear a shutter sound and see a quick flash of the screen and the image will be saved as a photo. When the screenshot is finished, most Android devices will show a toolbar on the bottom of the screen giving you the chance to modify the photo immediately.  You can then open your photo app to view the screenshot.  The screenshot photo can be edited the same as any other photo.

Be sure to backup your photos and videos regularly so you don’t lose anything important. (Backup your photos and videos on Android..)

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