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How to Transfer data from iPhone to Android?

Transfer Data from IPhone to Android

To transfer data from iPhone to Android is not complicated.  The best and most reliable method is to use the Google tools that are accessible by both the iPhone and Android. Other methods involve downloading an app to both devices and using the app to do the transfer.  The apps are available on both Google Play and on Apple App store.  The following are instructions for doing the transfer using the Google tools.

Using the Google tools creates a copy of all your data on the Google cloud.  This is nice since once the data is on the Google cloud, you should not loose anything while making the switch from iPhone to Android.


  • Connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection (don’t use mobile data) and connect to a power source.  This process may take several hours depending on how much data you have on your devices.
  • Your Gmail account comes with 15Gb of storage space for free, if you have more than 15Gb of data on your iPhone, then you will need to purchase additional space on your Google drive.
  • Make sure you turn off iMessage on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Messages > change iMessage to Off. Also, In Settings > FaceTime > change FaceTime to Off.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android using Google tools

iPhone process:

  • First, you need a Google Gmail account.  You need this anyway for your Android phone.  If you don’t have a Google Gmail email account, go to this link to create one: Create Gmail Account.  If that link doesn’t work, then open a browser and search for “Create a new Gmail Account”.
    • When you first turn on your Android phone or tablet, it will want to know your Gmail account.  If you have already created a Gmail account during the Android set-up process, then use that Gmail account also on your iPhone when you install the Google apps.
    • On your iPhone, under settings, you can add additional accounts.  Add your Gmail account as a new account on your iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, go to the Apple App store and download the following apps:
    • iOS Google Drive – sign in with your Gmail account
    • Google Photos – also use your Gmail account when you sign in
  • Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Backup
  • Touch the Start Backup button in the bottom right corner to backup all your content to the Google drive.  This process may take several hours depending on how many photos and other data file you have.
  • Sync your contacts from your iPhone to Google:
    • Open the Settings app > Contacts > Accounts > Add Account > Google > enter your login details > tap Next > switch “Contacts” on > tap Save.
    • To start the sync processopen the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Android process:

  • Turn on your Android device and make sure you have signed into Google using the same Gmail account that you used on the iPhone.
  • When you open Google apps, they will automatically see the data on your Google Drive.
    • Open Google Photos and you will see all of your photos
    • Open Google Calendar and you will see all your calendar entries that were copied from your iPhone
    • Open Contacts and the contacts that were sync’d from your iPhone should also sync to your Android device.

If you don’t want to transfer data from Android to iPhone, or vice-versa, you may want to just share the files.  Here’s how to share files: How to share files between Android and iPhone devices?




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