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How to Charge your Android Battery Faster?

How to Charge Android Battery faster

Here are some simple tricks you can easily do for a quick charge on your Android phone or tablet.

How to charge your battery faster? When your Android device is turned on, it is using battery life to perform various functions.  The more features or functions you turn on, the quicker your battery is discharged.

If you need to quickly charge the battery, you will slow down the charging process if you have the phone turned on. With the phone turned on, you have several apps or functions using the battery while your trying to charge it. With the phone turned off, you’ll get a better charge and it is healthier for the battery.

Connect your battery charger and do the following:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Or, if you cannot be without your phone
    • Turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth, or even better…
    • Turn on Airplane mode (How to turn on Airplane mode?). By turning on Airplane mode, you are disabling all wireless communication including Bluetooth.
    • Allow the screen to go off – the screen is the biggest user of the battery.
    • Don’t use the phone while it is charging – allow the battery to charge without discharging it at the same time.
  • Be careful about the temperature of the phone. Don’t leave it sitting in the sun or in a hot room.  The battery will charge faster if the phone it in a cool place.  Also, the opposite is true, the battery will discharge faster if it is hot.
  • Don’t charge the battery by connecting to a computer or battery pack.  This will, indeed, charge the battery, but it will be slow.
  • Do plug your charger into an A/C wall plug.  This is much faster and will allow your A/C adapter to enter into Fast charging mode.

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