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How to open Zip files on Android phones and tablets?

Open zip files on Android

Open Zip files easily

Only recently has there been a need to open Zip files on Android phones or tablets.  Before, this operation was primarily done on desktop PCs.  Now with the power and additional storage available on Android devices, downloading Zip files has become a common need.  But, how to open and un-zip those files?

The file manager app that comes with the newer Samsung Android phones already have the ability to un-zip Zip files.  This is also true for the Xiaomi Android phones.  If your phone doesn’t already have an app to un-zip a Zip file, then there are a few you can download from Google Play that work very well.

  • Files by Google is a great file manager app that manages file space, sharing, backups, fast file search, plus it will un-zip Zip files.
  • File Manager by Xiaomi Inc is free and easy to use.  This is a file manager app that also has the ability to un-zip Zip and RAR files.
  • WinZip – Zip UnZip tool is easy to create, extract and manage Zip files.
  • ZArchiver is a great tool for opening different types pf compressed files including 7z, gz, tar, rar, cab, etc.

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