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How to setup a new Phone or Tablet

Setup a new phone or tablet

The process to setup a new phone or tablet for Android devices is universal across most brands and manufacturers.  There may be some slight differences, but these procedures are generally true.

Before you do anything and before you turn on your Android device for the first time, you need 2 important things:

  1. Connect your new Android phone or tablet to a charger and make sure the battery is charged well.
  2. You must have a Google Gmail account.  If you don’t have an email account for Gmail, click here and set one up: Set up Gmail account
  3. If your Android device requires a SIM card in order to connect to the internet, be sure you have installed the SIM card BEFORE you turn on your phone for the first time.

Setup your new Phone or Tablet

Now, go ahead and turn on your new Android phone or tablet.  Follow these steps and do not skip anything. These all must be done in order to prevent problems in the future.

  1. Select a language – the default is English but you can change it to whatever you like.  You can change the language later if you want to proceed with English: “How to change language on Android…
  2. Connect to WIFI – choose the WIFI network you can connect to, you must be connected to WIFI in order to proceed with a proper setup. This is very important in order to download a previous setup, install apps, etc.
  3. Enter your Google Gmail account details – Gmail email address and password. If you need to make a change to your Gmail account setup: “How to setup Gmail on Android…
  4. Copy Backed up Data – If you had a previous Android phone or tablet, you have the chance now to copy over the setup you had before that was backed up to your Google account.  If you want to start with a clean device, or if you have never had an Android phone before, select Don’t copy.
  5. Backup and Location Services – Next, Google will ask you if it can track your location, backup your data, backup phone information, etc.  If you agree with this, then upgrading to your next Android device will be much easier.
  6. Time and Date – The time and date will be automatically setup based on your network’s time and date.  You can change this later if you wish: “How to change time and date….
  7. Setup Security – Set Lock Screen – you will be asked for a PIN or password that you must use on the lock screen in order to open your Android phone or tablet.
  8. Google Assistant – The next few screens will be asking you questions about setting up and using different Google services, such as Google Assistant.  You can skip through these for now and come back later and set these up if you choose to use them.

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