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Share files with Android and iOS

Share files with Android and iOS

How to share files between Android and iOS devices easily and without cost.

Do you want to share files between your Android and iOS devices? There are many apps that you can download that will transfer files between Android and iOS devices.  And you can open the file on your Android, modify it, then transfer it to an iOS device, modify it and then transfer it back to the Android, and so-on and so-on and so-on.  Why do all those transfers back and forth when you can store the files in a centralized place where both the Android and iOS devices can access.  Wow, is it really as easy as that?

Yes it is, your Android phone probably already has an Gmail account associated with it.  The Gmail account include 15GB of Google Drive space.  If you are syncing your data between Google Drive and your Android device, then the file will already exist on Google Drive.

For your iOS device to access your Google Drive, go to the Apple Store and download Google Drive.  After installation, be sure to use the same Gmail account as you have on your Android device.  After Google Drive is set up, you can access all your sync’d files on Google Drive.

For example, your iOS device can use a compatible app, such as Microsoft Word, to open a Word file on the Google Drive, modify it and save it.  Then your Android device can also use the same compatible app (Microsoft Word) to open the same file, modify it and save it.

No transfers are necessary. The files are stored in a centralized location which are accessible by both the iPhone device and the Android device.

If you still want to transfer files… How to transfer data between Android and iPhone?

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