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Control Background Mobile Data Usage on Android

Background mobile Data Usage for Android

It is important to control the background mobile data usage on Android devices so the mobile data allocation is not used up.  Many apps will continue to access the internet via your mobile data connection even if the app is not being actively used.  Unless you have an unlimited mobile data account, you will want to follow these procedures and turn off the background mobile data usage for the apps that don’t need internet access.

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The Android operating system has a special method for controlling background data usage which you can control for each app.  This method only controls the mobile data connection.  If you are connected via WIFI, background data access will continue normally.  You can also control which apps are sleeping or never sleeping.  To learn more about how to control sleeping apps “Control Sleeping Apps on Android“.

Stop Apps using Background Mobile Data

  • Open Settings – swipe down on the home screen and touch the gear icon.
  • Scroll down and touch on Apps

Control Android App Background Data Usage

  • Scroll and look for the app you want to control background data usage and touch it to open the settings for that app, for example we will open the Analytics app

Control Android App Background Data Usage

  • Scroll and touch on Mobile data

Control Android App Background Data Usage

  • Find the Allow background data usage setting and slide the toggle to the left to turn off.

Control Android App Background Data Usage

You should repeat this process for each app that you want to restrict background mobile data usage.

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