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Monitor Mobile Data Usage on Android phones and tablets

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Monitor your mobile data usage on Android phones and tablets.  The Android operating system provides an easy method for you to monitor your data usage to help you from using too much mobile data and possibly exceeding your allotment.  This helps to avoid a surprise bill on mobile data usage charges.

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Monitor and Control Data Usage

  • Open Settings – swipe down on the home page and touch the gear icon.
  • Touch to open Connections

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

  • Scroll down and touch to open Data usage

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

  • On this screen, you can see how much mobile data you have used since the last billing cycle.
    • You should turn the Data saver option on.
    • Touch on Mobile data usage and set up your data limits and billing cycle here.

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

  • Touch on Set billing cycle and enter in the dates of your billing cycle.  By doing this, Android will monitor your data usage within the given dates.
  • Turn on the Set data warning option and set the Data warning amount you want to be notified of.
  • Turn on Set data limit if you want your Android device to automatically stop using the mobile data connection when the limit is reached.

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